Rant: Don’t use Sementic UI

I have said it. Do not use Sementic UI.

Today I have spent a day trying to do some work for a non-profit organization project, as a way of giving back. (Maybe I am scared of Hell, we can discuss theology in another post, but this is not the main point here).

So on a sunny Sunday, I pick up a ticket, and I start to debug an responsive dropdown menu. Of course, while technically I am full stack developer, I am slightly geared towards backend. Also I have never used Sementic UI in my life, that leads to one thing — documentation reading.

So I read, trying to find how it all works. So after many readings, and I reckon I need to understand dropdown, and possibly menu. So lets look at dropdown. There are examples, I give them that, however, what I am finding myself doing, is that after spending a whole bloody day reading the documentation getting nowhere, is actually to read the source code on the documentation site using the

Further more, they have released version 2.2. And according to some stackoverflow post, I am to go to github and read the source code to get the latest details.

I know what I need to do, that is never start any project with Sementic UI, and steer clear of it if I have the opportunity.